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ori rapoport

Ori Rapoport

Air-Force Museum

A proposal for the planning and design of the Israeli Air Force Museum in Kibbutz Hatzerim.

- My role -

Planning -  designing - modeling - Post-editing

The design of the museum is based on the research done by the current museum. Part of my job, as the project architect, was to understand museum visitors and refine the most important needs and desires when visiting a museum of this type. The main principles I discovered are:

A unique visiting experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Learning experience - added value to the visit contributes to a

successful experience.

High orientation ability - contributes to the preservation of interest levels and return visits.

Good planning begins with understanding the needs of the user (the visitor). I chose to design and plan the Air Force Museum in Hatzerim. A museum that, until now, offered a simple, straightforward visit and did not provide visitors with the need for a meaningful experience

My planning offers a route (conceptual as well as physical) to the intricacies of the Israeli Air Force. The way inside will pass through unusual display spaces and give the visitor an unconventional, different and special viewing experience

The design of the museum floor is intended to allow the visitor to get a complete picture of the complex array of the Israeli Air Force, with all its components. In addition, the depth of the museum and its excavation in the ground is intended to give the visitor a framed view of the sky. 

Opening the inner facades of the museum towards the center helps the visitor's sense of orientation.

The exhibition spaces allow the visitor to experience the different aircrafts from different perspectives. Their purpose is to enhance the visitor's feelings and sensations and provide him with an encounter that he will remember for a long time.

The auditorium - faces the center with the museum as a backdrop.

Thank You!

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